I love beautiful Dominant Women. Searching for quality on the internet can be tough. TGP sites are rampant with blind links and pop-up junk. Have you ever clicked on a thumbnail (supposedly linked to a gallery) just to have another crappy TGP site pop up? It has happened to me.

Have you ever joined a site to discover that there is not enough content or that for every good crisp and well-lit image, there are 10 blurry, dark ones? This also has happened to me.

Most site reviews are biased because the reviewer wants to curry favor with the site owner. If you read my reviews, I think you will discover that veracity is vital to me.

This site is about: beautiful Dominant Women; quality samples; & marketing. Let's just admit up front that we are trying to market our sites: we work really hard to create a great product and IT IS OK to expect people to pay for the privilege of viewing the awesome results of our hard work. If you love what you see here, JOIN THE SITE! The creator of the site deserves your patronage.

Many video and image samples on the net are of poor quality. Not here. If you don't want to host high quality samples, don't submit on our site. ALL submissions are reviewed for quality before posting.

There are some stunningly beautiful Women who deserve our adoration: Donatella; Domina Snow; Balkan Brat; Giselle; and many more. Unfortunately, the popularity of some sites has make anyone with a camera thinking she will become a fetish internet star. We only invite beautiful Dominant Women to submit on our site. No ugly chicks allowed. If that sounds snobby, so be it. Here, beauty is obeyed.

Thank you for stopping by, and again, if you see something/someone you love, please join the site.


~mia gianelli